Community Newsletters

Our office sends out newsletters to our constituents to keep them informed on legislative updates, community events and resources, and other news related to the district. These are in addition to the various postcards that you receive throughout the year. To view our past newsletters, click on the links below.

2024 End of Session Newsletter

2024 Mid-Session Newsletter

2023 November/December Newsletter

2023 End of Session Newsletter

2022 End of Session Newsletter

2022 Mid-Session Newsletter

2022 February Newsletter

2022 January Newsletter

2021 End of Session Newsletter

2021 Calendar

2020 COVID-19 Updates Newsletter II

2020 COVID-19 Updates Newsletter

2020 Calendar

2019 Lawmakers Listen Newsletter

2019 End of Session Newsletter


Weekly E-Newsletter Updates

Our office also sends out weekly e-mails ("e-newsletters") to those in our community who have signed up to receive them. E-newsletters include legislative updates, community events, useful resources, and traffic updates. To subscribe, please click here or email us at [email protected].