2022 Legislative Accomplishments

$24,642,930 in Legislative Funding in 2022


Legislation Passed

HB2195: Cesspool Conversion

Many community members have contacted me with concerns about the cost of cesspool conversion and the overall environmental and public health hazards caused by cesspool contamination in our district. This session, my bill, HB 2195, established a Cesspool Compliance Pilot Grant Project to assist low- and moderate-income property owners, including lessees on Hawaiian homelands, with the cost of upgrading, converting, or connecting certain cesspools. This bill passed with a $5 million appropriation for community grants.


HB2416: Campaign Spending Reform

It is important that we promote transparency in our election process. That is why I introduced HB 2416, to target “dark money” by requiring 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations that engage in electioneering activity to disclose the name and address of donors who choose to donate towards campaign-related activities. Now, there will be greater accountability and transparency to protect the rights of voters and keep “dark money” out of elections.


HB2197: Combating Illegal Game Rooms

Thanks to a concern brought to my attention by a constituent, I introduced HB 2197 to target the issue of illegal game rooms in our communities. Violent activity and sex trafficking in and around illegal game rooms have greatly increased in recent years. To mitigate this, HB 2197 increases penalties for violators and repeat offenders who promote illegal gambling and game rooms. It is my hope that community members will get relief from the illegal activity taking place in illegal game rooms and feel safer in their homes once more.


HCR69: Childcare Provider Appreciation Month

It is important to recognize the critical work child care providers do for our keiki on a daily basis. Additionally, during the pandemic, many child care providers remained open and continued to provide care. That is why I introduced HCR 69 to acknowledge childcare providers by designating September 2022 as Child Care Provider Appreciation Month. Thank you to all of our child care providers for your hard work and dedication in caring for our community's children.